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Wilko ‘Goes Back Home’!

Facebook message, Monday 2nd June 2014

We’re sure you will be as delighted as we are that after making excellent progress at Addenbrooke’s over the last few weeks, Wilko is now convalescing back at his home.

Naturally after such an extensive procedure, Wilko is extremely tired, and it will take him some time to recuperate, so he asks that you respect his privacy, but we had to share this incredibly positive news.

On behalf of Wilko and his family, another huge thank you for your magnificent support over recent months – it really means a great deal to Wilko – and please join us in thanking the staff at Addenbrooke’s for everything they have achieved in some extremely difficult circumstances.

Please watch this space for further news …

Wilko Johnson News Update

Friday 9th May 2014

Doctors caring for Wilko at Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge are extremely pleased with the way he has recovered post op, despite the magnitude and complexity of his 9-hour operation. He has been complication free so far and has made what they describe as ‘rapid progress’. Although still early days in his recovery the doctors are very encouraged by the extent of his progress.

Wilko, his family and friends thank everyone for their well wishes and support at this time.

Lisa Climie
Manager – Wilko Johnson

Wilko Johnson News Update

Friday 2nd May 2014

Wilko is recovering following a nine hour operation on Wednesday in which doctors successfully removed a pancreatic tumour.

The head of the medical team treating Wilko said that they were happy with his condition.

Wilko will stay under very close observation for the next few days. Although cautiously optimistic the team have to stress that it is very early days yet.

The family thank everyone for their good wishes and ask for some privacy at this time so they can support Wilko with his recovery in peace.

Lisa Climie
Manager – Wilko Johnson

Wednesday April 30, 2014

Wilko Johnson Cancels Commitments For Medical Procedure

Dr Feelgood legend Wilko Johnson has today reluctantly had to cancel all of his public engagements.
Wilko, currently riding high in the UK album chart with the Roger Daltrey collaboration ‘Going Back Home’, has sought further advice about his pancreatic cancer and as a result has undergone a medical procedure that will see him out of action for the foreseeable future.

Doctors are hopeful that following the surgery the prognosis for Wilko will be positive.

Before going into hospital Wilko spoke to Tony Parsons, the EXCLUSIVE interview can be read at www.gq.com

Welcome to this new fan site dedicated to the former Dr Feelgood guitarist, Wilko Johnson. Please bookmark the front page and keep on returning to see the site grow over the coming weeks, months and years. Everyone knows that Wilko was the original Dr Feelgood guitarist. His choppy guitar style and out-of-the-loop fashion-sense kept the band at the forefront of the pub-rock movement of the 1970s and beyond.

Many people fire Dr Feelgood as being the precursors of Punk. Dr Feelgood split up in acrimonious terms and Wilko formed his own band, Solid Senders, which did not last too many years. Following a short period with Ian Dury and The Blockheads (which resulted in them recording the album together), the Wilko Johnson Band was formed with ex-Blockhead Norman Watt-Roy on bass and Salvatore Ramundo on drums. Sav gave way to Steve Monti, who in turn was replaced by Dylan Howe. And that’s where we are today.

Sadly, early in 2013 it was announced that Wilko Johnson had “terminal” pancreatic cancer. He chose not to prolong his life with treatment, but determined to make the best use of his last remaining months. Wilko embarked on a thank you tour and took part in many media interviews. Hopefully the surgery undertaken in April and May 2014 will rid him of his cancer for good.

It ironic that the media who had all but shunned him when he lived, came knocking on his door as soon as the end was near.

Here is one of the better interviews, taken from BBC Radio’s Front Row programme, with John Wilson: Future articles will cover the life and music of Wilko Johnson in much more detail.